They help people maintain their balance, walk with more confidence and help relieve tension on joints and bones.


It is a major misconception that sticks only benefit the elderly, this could not be further from the truth. A properly fitted walking stick can help even the most able-bodied adult achieve maximum health and well being. Hiking is fun and beneficial but adding a walking stick to the mix gives you an entirely different body workout.


Gives you added mobility and speed. The faster you walk the more calories you burn.


Many use their walking sticks daily around their house or the local store which gives added balance and control.


Sticks can help you get objects that seem out of reach.


They lessen the stress on the body and relieves joint pain.


Walking sticks and canes are also an excellent way to avoid falls which can lead to injury.



Can be a trip hazard. 


Easy to misplace.


Care when placing your stick on the floor making sure the ground it firm.


May be to your image. This is or should not be a problem as there are lots of designs available.

Walking Sticks Key Features

Here are some key walking stick features:

  • Anatomical handles for comfort.
  • Extra long or petite walking sticks for those who have special requirements.
  • Shock absorber walking sticks which are specially designed to take the jarring away from the arm joints.
  • There are many ladies walking sticks which are composed of a floral pattern,
  • Folding sticks into 2, 3 or 4 folds are very useful when there is need to carry or put safely away.
  • Tripod sticks are an aid for safety.
  • Consider the benefits of walking stick seats.
  • Many are height adjustable.

What is a Walking Stick?

Walking Sticks are available in every shape and size, adjustable or folding. There is a huge range of the more traditional wooden walking sticks with newer innovations in gentlemen’s walking sticks and trendy designs in ladies walking sticks.

Walking Stick Design, Build and Features

  • There is such a wide choice of handles and it includes the derby, crook or crutch handled ranges.
  • Adjustable walking sticks and folding walking sticks are very popular products with people who need a small amount of extra support when standing or walking. They are affordable, simple and lightweight and can be also used both inside and outside the house.
  • Many older people become tired easily when walking or experience aching legs when standing. A foldable walking stick or adjustable walking stick can help them to avoid these issues so that they can comfortably enjoy going out.
  • Folding walking sticks can be carried in a bag or hand and only be used when the person really needs them. This allows them to avoid becoming dependent on the walking stick but to have the support there if they need it.

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Walking Stick Companies/Brands

  • Most Mobility shops and Countryside type of shops sell walking sticks they all have a wide range for you to compare
  • NHS Healthcare is official suppliers.
  • Outlets such as Decathlon, Argos or Amazon.
  • eBay and Amazon 
  • Charity shops often have a small range which can often help in an emergency.

Walking Stick Prices

It just depends on what you are looking for and can range from a charity shop bargain of £3.00 to well over £50 for a purpose-built and fashionable stick (when buying from a charity shop/ second hand be aware that there may be some damage so buy with caution. 

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Walking Stick Verdict

Walking sticks are a great addition to your accessibility equipment. They have everything you need to walk and move easily and safely, from mobility crutches to help walking whilst one foot or leg is out of action, to sticks that provide more specific assistance with elbow support.